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There are two kinds of people who attend the Dubai International Boat Show: those who love the Sirena 88, and those who will soon love the Sirena 88. The award-winning Sirena 88 brings a striking profile from Cor D. Rover and an efficient hull design by Germán Frers, with hull volume and interior and exterior spaces designed to create a unique onboard experience. See her for yourself at the Dubai International Boat Show, 1 – 5 March 2023, and you'll find it easy to imagine your family and special friends enjoying this yacht in beautiful places. #SirenaYachts #Sirena88 #HomeSeaHome #DubaiInternationalBoatShow #DubaiInternationalBoatShow2023 #DubaiBoatShow #DubaiBoatShow2023 #UAE #BoatShowDubai

1-5 March 2023


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