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about Sirena 88

As a yacht suitable to take her owner and guests anywhere they wish to go, the Sirena 88 is truly an evolution of the designs used on her smaller sisters: her low-resistance, seakindly hull design brings efficient performance from her highest speeds to a long-range displacement cruise. Designed for dynamic stabilization and offshore passages, the yacht is meant to make the most of her cruising speed range of 2,000 nautical miles.
This yacht takes cruising seriously and is ready for the longest legs her owner and guests can plan for, with social spaces inside and out, as well as private accommodations fitted out for rest and personal time. Technical considerations made their way into this globetrotting design, where a dedicated bridge and engineering spaces gives the crew a true work areas set apart from the owner’s party, all the better to keep the yacht running smoothly and keep all aboard comfortable and relaxed.

Daring Devotion

Sirena Yachts create a welcoming vibe that says get comfortable from the moment the owner, family, and friends step aboard. Each person relates to the onboard spaces on their own terms for a unique, shared onboard experience.


Making the effort to reconnect is always worthwhile—whether it’s with a loved one, with the sea, or with yourself. Make the time, and a Sirena yacht will provide the space, and the place.


At Sirena Yachts, we consider how we use interior spaces, and eliminate all the ways they impinge on our comfort through good design. From large windows to lines of sight, it all works.

360° TOUR

Full devotion towards creating incomparable as well as sensational living spaces has enabled us to design every inch of this boat as livable and memorable.

Dual Mode Hull Technology

The new dual mode hull generation ensures smooth navigation and excellent sea keeping, this state of the art hull design provides less water resistance on hull which enduces high efficiency thus, lower consumption, long range with a planning mode offering high top speed.

Carbon Tech

Hybrid carbon fiber lamination is applied to the superstructure, with this unique system, we have taken the centre of gravity to a lower position for an excellent seakeeping.

Sound Insulation

  • Plenum box analysis and design accordingly to decrease air conditioner noise
  • Equipment base analysis and design accordingly in order to decrease vibrational noise of the equipment, special elastic vibration mounts
  • Flexible coupling between engine and shaft in order to decrease structure born noise
  • Floating floor in cabins to decrease structure born noise, box-in-box insulation to separate the interior from structure


To find silence is to find peace, an escape and a chance to reflect. To find such a place onboard a yacht underway can be difficult. At last with the Sirena 88 the search is at an end.


Guests are enjoying a delightful time while your personal oasis awaits. Retreat and indulge in the serenity of your suite, in the privacy of your own foredeck. Tranquil and private, they will only find you if you let them. It is nice to entertain a crowd but it is even better to be able to enjoy a private moment in various areas of the yacht.


When you are pulled towards something with a desire to touch, to feel and admire, you know that it must be made with care and craftsmanship that lives and breathes quality. This is care dedication. This care dedication is what drives how we build our yachts.


Technical Characteristics

Length Overall (L.O.A.)
26,81 m / 88’
Length of Hull (L.H.)
23,95 m / 78’ 7”
Length of Water Line (L.W.L.)
23,94 m / 78’5’’
Beam Max
7,1 m / 23’2’’
Draft Max
1,84 m / 6’
Displacement (Light Ship)
84 Tonnes
Displacement (Full Load)
100 Tonnes
Max Speed kn.
25 knots (std. engine)
Cruising Speed
16 knots
2x 1550 HP MAN V12 (1140 kW)
Range NM
2290 NM @ 9 knots
Fuel Capacity
12000 lt
Fresh Water Capacity
2400 lt
Black Water Capacity
1040 lt
Grey Water Capacity
1070 lt
5+2 (10+3)
4+2 (8+3) – alternative selection
GRP hull
Hybrid carbon fiber deck & superstructure
Exterior Design
Germán Frers
Interior Design
Cor D. Rover
CE Category A